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Friday, December 11, 2009

BeBiz Automated Ebusiness Start-Up Tool

BeBiz is a simple "point and click" tool that quickly and easily guides you through every step of creating your own successful Internet business, from square one.

BeBiz's automatic "wizard-based" system has been designed so that anyone can start a successful Internet business, even if you have no business experience, limited technical skills, and no idea what you should sell online.

When you use BeBiz to start your Internet business, you can:
  • Avoid the costly and time-consuming mistakes that most beginners make getting started

  • Start earning money almost immediately, then build on your early success to generate a secure, independent income

  • Use the skills and knowledge you acquire building your first business to create multiple profitable websites

  • Enjoy success online, even if you have no technical abilities or previous business experience

  • Start building your business TODAY, even if you have no idea what to sell, or any ideas for a market or business
Based on the Internet success blueprint we reveal in our #1 selling Insider Secrets program, BeBiz is the ONLY tool online that's built on a proven step-by-step process for starting a moneymaking business:
Step One: Identify lucrative markets eager to buy whatever you offer them, then find hot products to sell
Step Two: Find hot products to sell on your website that your market will LOVE
Step Three: Instantly create a professional-looking website that's designed to sell
Step Four: Easily create compelling salescopy that will turn the maximum number of visitors into paying customers
Step Five: Start accepting payments on your website instantly
Then, once your site is live -- and you're getting traffic and making sales -- you can continue to use BeBiz to manage your entire business, virtually hands free!

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Hot News - December 2009 : New Search Engine

I was recently introduced to a new generation of search engine. It's called Tazoodle and it's very unique.

Search engines earn income by charging advertisers to display their website links on the search results page. Tazoodle does the same thing. What makes Tazoodle different is that they share the income with its advertisers and viewers alike.

With similar searching results as other search engines, what an incredible way to earn income if you are a user and recoup your advertising costs if you are an advertiser. It's brilliant

You'll get excited about earning income for using this search engine. Do you earn income from your current search engine?

Click here to register and watch the video presentation.

Tazoodle Inc